Installation of SeaMACS IAS on Norwegian reasearch vessel

Norwegian research vessel equipped with SeaMAC IAS by HEINZMANN DATA PROCESS

Press Release (March, 2012)

Heinzmann Data Process AS has successfully finished the installation of SeaMACS as new IAS on the 'Johan Hjort' vessel of the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research. After the institute had decided to upgrade their vessel to the new automation system, it took less than eight weeks before the installation was completed and approved by the ship-owner and DNV.

SeaMACS is built as a highly flexible and scalable system and is designed according to the latest industry standards. The IAS is based on a high speed Ethernet network, full redundancy at all levels and an intuitive user interface, built with the user in mind to be easy to operate and to understand. All the most common communication drivers are included as part of the standard system. This makes interfacing between many other systems, PLCs and I/O modules possible without having to create new drivers or applications:user interface of the SeaMACS IAS integrated automation system

  • Integrated vessel control
  • Distributed processing
  • Systems for merchant marine, offshore, and navy
  • Advanced analysis tools
  • Full redundancy

Some of the extra functionality required by the customer was tank level measurement and also automatic report handling for the main engine.

Since 1984 HEINZMANN DATA PROCESS has delivered and installed several Automation Systems. Though, since 2007 the company has focused on designing and developing a new IAS that is built to meet the future requirements of customers. This is an ongoing development that is continuously working together with the R&D departments at the other HEINZMANN Group partners to ensure that the customers’ demands are met by the system.