The HEINZMANN Group’s innovations at Nor-Shipping 2015

ETM 56 1 SeaMACSPress Release (April, 2015), pdf» Download

The HEINZMANN Group is proud to announce their presentation at this year’s Nor-Shipping which takes place from 2 – 6 June in Oslo showcasing their range of propulsion control, engine control and automation systems as well as integrated marine alarm monitoring and control systems for ships.

Nor-Shipping ranks among the top-quality exhibitions with high-level conferences and prime networking opportunities and attracts the international maritime industry to Oslo every other year.

At our booth B05-09 we have prepared the following innovations:

The latest version of the SeaMACS Integrated Automation System (IAS), for both navy vessels and merchant navy, will be presented here. The SeaMACS is well suited both for retrofit as well as for new ships. Since its first introduction to the market in 2007, the SeaMACS system has proven to be a success. At Nor-Shipping, we will present the 3rd version of the system and you can become familiar with our latest innovations. A new graphical user interface, which has been designed in a workgroup together with some of the main users, is part of the latest release.

The system is easy to integrate and works together with equipment from different suppliers.

The FuelMACS is a valuable tool for fuel performance. It assists the ship-owner in meeting IMO requirements such as SEEMP. In a world where conserving the environment is crucial, it is necessary to have the right tools in order to work in the right direction. The system is designed to allow the right people in the organisation to take actions and make decisions based on how a ship is performing. Both the personnel on board the ship and in management are considered, allowing them to view the data from the ship or from shore. The main target is to save fuel, which again leads to reduced costs.

The system can be used both on-board the vessel and in the ship owners office, and can track a vessel’s or a fleet’s performance over time. This allows ship owners to monitor and compare the fuel performance between different vessels with one tool.

ETM 56 e Heinzmann Group InnovationsHEINZMANN’s new Actuator StG 3
HEINZMANN’s portfolio of high-performance actuators has been enlarged by the new directly acting brushless actuator StG 3.
The preferential application for this powerful actuator are diesel engines up to 200 kW as well as gas engines or turbines.

The main benefits of the new smaller design are an increased torque and quick response time.

CR-Retrofit Solutions of HEINZMANN
For larger marine engines HEINZMANN offers the replacement of an existing conventional diesel fuel injection system by a well proven turnkey Common Rail retrofit kit. The upgrade solution includes all necessary services such as system adaptation, installation, commissioning and full lifetime service. Due to the remarkable fuel saving potential, short payback periods can be achieved. Last but not least, the HEINZMANN CR retrofit is a clear step to cope with current and future emission regulations.

Typical mechanical diesel fuel injection systems based on a pump-pipe-nozzle arrangement can be easily turned into an electronically controlled solution by simply adding a high pressure control valve. Injection timing and the injected quantity can be parameterised precisely depending on engine speed and load. On medium-sized diesel engines as well as on dual fuel engines, a clear reduction in fuel consumption and exhaust emissions can be achieved by this very cost effective add-on-system.


ETM 56 4 RE20 Series ActuatorREGULATEURS EUROPA‘s Propulsion Control Panels
These Propulsion Control Panels are designed around the company’s successful and highly versatile Viking35 controller to meet marine classification society approval. Solutions are customised to match the application specific requirements.

REGULATEURS EUROPA‘s Vibration Monitoring System Trino
Trino is a new product from the REGULATEURS EUROPA stable. A vibration monitoring system with the capability to continuously monitor equipment such as turbo chargers, gearboxes and other rotating equipment. The system features a simple and informative local alarm screen for the chief engineer. It can provide an initial diagnosis of a developing problem giving an opportunity to take preventative action and thus avoid the consequences of a more serious and expensive failure. Regulateurs Europa also offers a remote analysis and support service to customers who do not have the expertise to interpret the data trend analysis issued from the system.

REGULATEURS EUROPA’s new Series 20 Actuator
REGULATEURS EUROPA will be offering its new small Series 20 actuator for small high-speed engines and as a retrofit option. Unlike other RE actuators the Series 20 is driven by a 0 – 200mA signal.


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