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HEINZMANN Automation - Experts in Engine Management!

With our experience in various maritime market areas, we have learned over the years what is important to our customers. We have supplied many systems and solutions. They are designed together with the customers, and we always focus on finding a cost-effective solution that is well suited for its application.

Our FuelMACS Fuel Performance System helps to make better decisions with regards to fuel savings and is independent of vessel age and existing onboard systems. The SeaMACS Automation System  is independent of vessel type, and it is delivered based on customer requirements.

We have standardized hardware that allows us to integrate easily to other suppliers' sub-systems. No propriety protocols are used. In addition to our standard products, we have developed some project specific software tools, as well as system solutions that were designed to supply a product that wasn’t available on the market.

We also offer engineering, consultancy, as well as service and maintenance to the Navy, and we have a broad experience in this field.

FuelMACS Fuel Performance System Overview

  • Designed as an onboard tool to save fuel and also as a management tool
  • Several ships can be monitored and compared at the same time from a management office on shore
  • Data can be collected live or at regular intervals depending on customer requirements
  • Existing hardware can be used in order to keep implementation costs down
  • The system can also be set up with a service link to our service department

Complete Marine Solutions

  • SeaMACS Integrated Automation Systems
  • FuelMACS Management of Fuel Consumption
  • Propulsion Management
  • Power Management
  • Marine Propulsion and Auxilliary Engine Control
  • Diesel Engine Retrofit
  • Engine Monitoring Systems

SeaMACS Integrated Automation Systems

One of the main benefits of the SeaMACS is the system scalability. It can be delivered both as a stand-alone alarm and monitoring system, as well as a fully Integrated Automation System (IAS) where the user will monitor as well as control.

Marine Engine Control

HEINZMANN Automation provides turnkey retrofit solutions for exchanging conventional fuel injection systems to fully electronically controlled systems.

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