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Based on the SeaMACS IAS platform, FuelMACS® incorporates additional functionality for fuel and energy performance management. It offers a valuable SEEMP tool to ship owners, allowing them to monitor and compare their vessel's or fleet's performance fuel performance in real-time and/or based on historical values.

FuelMACS Fuel Performance System Overview

  • Designed as an onboard tool to save fuel and also as a management tool
  • Several ships can be monitored and compared at the same time from a management office on shore
  • Data can be collected live or at regular intervals depending on customer requirements
  • Existing hardware can be used in order to keep implementation costs down
  • The system can also be set up with a service link to our service department
Vessel Performance
Fuel Consumption
Engine Performance
Hull Performance

Vessel Performance

FuelMACSS Vessel Performance
  • For vessel performance management
  • Vessel speed is included in order to calculate fuel usage in litre per nautical mile (l/nm)

Fuel Consumption

FuelMACS Fuel Consumption

  • Fuel consumption management is based on fuel flow measurement
  • Data for both instant and total fuel consumption is provided - e.g. total per hour, total per voyage
  • Emissions and fuel costs are reported per engine, per data, in total and accumulated

Engine Performance

FuelMACS Engine Performance

  • For engine performance management
  • Data for engine power is included in order to calculate fuel consumption in grams per kilowatt hour

Hull Performance

FuelMACS Hull Performance

  • The hull performance management measures shaft torque/power versus speed over time
  • Once the system is set up for the respective vessel, a reference curve is created. The system is then able to detect speed loss over time by performing analysis of vessel speed versus shaft effect

FuelMACS Features

Characterised by high scalability and flexibility, FuelMACS® allows for definition of vessel-specific indicators - one of the crucial points when evaluating vessel performance over time. The system is designed according to the provisions of the MARPOL convention, which requires a Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) to be development and Energy Efficiency Operational Indicators (EEOI) to be established for all vessels.

The system can incorporate functions for:

  • Fuel consumption management
  • Engine performance management
  • Vessel performance management
  • Hull performance management and features
  • Advanced trending
  • Advanced calculation
  • Shore based analysis
  • Automated reports
  • Data recording
  • Runtime configurability for dual-fuel

Graphic FuelMACS


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