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HEINZMANN governors are employed in the propulsion engines of most marine engine manufacturers worldwide. Available for both mechanical and electronic fuel injection, these controllers handle outputs of up to several thousands of kilowatts and cover all speed ranges. They can be used in main propulsion engines with and without controllable pitch propellers, multi-engine units on one shaft, drive units with shaft generators as well as diesel-electric drive units. Their high flexibility in terms of functional scope and interface design makes them the control solution of choice for original equipment as well as retrofitting. Speed setpoint and gearbox clutch control commands from a main propulsion bridge control unit can be processed directly. They are completed by a perfect choice of HEINZMANN actuators.

  • EFI Controls

DARDANOS Controls for Electronic Fuel Injection

The DARDANOS range includes universal EFI control units for engines with electronically controlled injection systems. These solenoid valve control systems are primarily used to control the speed. They help to optimise fuel consumption and this, in turn, results in less environmentally harmful emissions. They can also be used for basic monitoring functions, thereby increasing the operational reliability and availability of engines.


Reihe EFI Regler

  • Suitable for diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines
  • Precise injection control
  • Can be configured to suit specific applications
  • Digital Speed Governors for Marine Engines

Digital Speed Governors for Marine Engines

HEINZMANN's digital governors are highly valued on account of their flexibility, which means they can meet all customer requirements and prerequisites. Our governor systems are known for their durability and tried-and-tested reliability. All of HEINZMANN’s digital governors are extremely powerful and precise, and offer extensive functions that can be programmed using the DcDesk configuration tool. Of course all governors are certified by the most important certification sociaties.

Reihe Digitale Drehzahlregler Marine

  • Tried-and-tested
  • High-performance
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Precise
  • Adaptable
  • Hydraulic Governors for Marine Engines

Hydraulic Governors for Marine Engines

Engine builder around the world trust in REGULATEURS EUROPA hydraulic governors whenever a high reliable, stable and optimal solution is needed for specific applications like marine propulsion gensets and turbines in diesel, gas or dual-fuel mode.

 Reihe Governors hydraulisch Marine

  • Excellent control management
  • Reliability
  • Endurance

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