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HEINZMANN Automation - Experts in Engine Management!

HEINZMANN Automation is a Norwegian based company with skilled engineers in the North and Southwest part of Norway. Quality management is important to us, and HEINZMANN Automation is ISO9001:2015 certified. Our employees carry a high degree of project management skills, as well as technical skills, and we believe this is one of the reasons why our customers have partnered with us for so many years.

We provide complete turnkey solutions for electronics, automation and control systems, delivered to merchant marine and navy vessels. With more than 35 years of experience as experts in the field of marine automation, we serve our customers by finding the best solution to meet their demands. We supply our own products, products from our partners, as well as a combination of both, with the overall target of optimizing the outcome of each specific project.

HEINZMANN, with its experience and innovative strength in control and drive technology, is an indispensable partner in the field of engine management for combustion engines, generators and turbines. As a specialist and development partner, HEINZMANN is committed to developing the perfect solution for reducing emissions and increasing efficiency.

We are part of the HEINZMANN Group, a long-established system supplier and development partner of engine management solutions for combustion engines and turbines in the industrial field. Renowned customers trust in HEINZMANN products for original fitting and retrofitting of applications that operate in challenging environments and rely on sophisticated and reliable governing, control and emission management solutions.

Our core areas of expertise

Customer focus

Customer-specific solutions, optimum local production


Continuous development of new products, components & systems

Research & development

Innovative & reliable partner for the combustion engine and drive technology industry

Professional service

Global network of subsidiaries, service partners and authorised dealers

Facts & Figures HEINZMANN Group



78 million €



Employees worldwide

40 Countries

Subsidiaries / Agents

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