frigate Royal Norwegian Navy 300pxOver the years, our work has continuously been focused towards the Navy and the Coast Guard. Through this focus, we have built up a unique experience within their system requirements as well as project requirements: documentation, drawings, testing and verification, and similar.

The SeaMACS is very well suited for Navy applications. Several projects that are navy specific have been designed based on the SeaMACS platform. The system is reconfigurable, and can be set up for specific requirements our customers might have. In addition to the Navy Integrated Platform System, a wireless system that lets vessels connect to one another has been designed, alarm information can be transferred, and all data transmission is fully encrypted.

We also offer engineering, consultancy, as well as service and maintenance to the Navy, and we have a broad experience in this field.

For more information about what we can offer towards the Navy market, you may contact our head office in Narvik.