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July 2020

The HEINZMANN Group announces a strategic investment in the Swiss based gas sensor and analyzer manufacturer Bright Sensors SA.

Through this step, Bright Sensors SA will be in the position to accelerate product development, marketing and sales of state-of-the-art gas sensors. These sensors are aimed at reliably determining the quality characteristics of various gas compositions in gas grids and in the area of engine applications, which is particularly important for HEINZMANN.

The investment provides Bright Sensors access to HEINZMANN`S over 120 years of technical leadership and expertise in product development and manufacturing whilst simultaneously obtaining access to HEINZMANN`s global sales network.

HEINZMANN will obtain access to Bright Sensors propriety gas sensor technology allowing for ultra-low cost, real-time, and accurate gas quality measurement which enable efficiency increases and make the use of gaseous fuels with various compositions (e.g. biomethane, hydrogen containing gas blends, etc.) technically and economic possible already today.

Bright Sensors` CEO Bart Riemens stated: "We are extremely proud to welcome HEINZMANN as a strategic investor in our company since it demonstrates our technology is essential in a world that needs to decarbonize rapidly. The support and expertise of HEINZMANN is exactly what we need in the current phase of our young company."
HEINZMANN Group CEO Markus Gromer stated "On the way to decarbonization, it is to be expected that the composition and consequent quality of the gaseous energy carriers offered will vary greatly. With this strategic investment, HEINZMANN is going to assist Bright Sensors in further development of technology for gas quality measurement which will become absolutely necessary in gas, combustion engines and gas turbine industries for achieving future environmental goals by use of "green" fuels.”

About Bright Sensors SA

Bright Sensors SA, founded in 2014 as a spin-off of EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne) develops, manufactures, and sells natural gas quality sensors that allow real-time monitoring of natural gas quality. It`s innovative, patented and low-cost technology allows natural gas producers, transporters and customers to better control their processes, reduce emissions while increasing efficiency. It reduces the cost and technical barriers for decarbonizing the natural gas industry. Bright Sensors SA has obtained the Swiss Axpo Innovation Prize in 2014 and the BCN (Banque Cantonale Neuchâteloise) Innovation Prize in 2016 for active developments in green technologies.

For more information please visit www.bright-sensors.com


BlueEye™ Mobile

Compact and robust portable gas analyzer BlueEye™ Mobile

(Source: Bright Sensors; July 2020)

BlueEye™ EX-D

High end explosion proof certified gas analyzer BlueEye™ EX-D

(Source: Bright Sensors; July 2020)

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HEINZMANN acquires Austrian company IFT GmbH

March 2022

HEINZMANN Holding is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Austrian company IFT GmbH with effect from the January 1, 2022. From this date forth, IFT has become a part of the HEINZMANN Group.

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Senior manager of HEINZMANN celebrates 90th birthday

July 2021

Anton Gromer: Senior manager of HEINZMANN celebrates 90th birthday.

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SeaMACS system to Endúr Maritime’s engine test stand

April 2021

HEINZMANN AUTOMATION in Norway has had the pleasure of delivering a SeaMACS system to Endúr Maritime’s engine test stand at Laksevåg in Bergen.

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New Managing Director

Februar 2021

At the beginning of 2021 Mr. Are R. Nordahl has joined HEINZMANN Group Member HEINZMANN Automation as new Managing Director.

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Teambuilding at HEINZMANN Automation

May 2019

The Heinzmann Automation team visited Voss Active High Rope & Zip-Line Park in Voss, Norway.

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Strategic investment in Bright Sensors SA

July 2020

The HEINZMANN Group announces a strategic investment in the Swiss based gas sensor and analyzer manufacturer Bright Sensors SA.

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HEINZMANN Group Sales Meeting

February 2020

From 5 to 7 February 2020, the  HEINZMANN Group Sales Meeting took place at the Hotel Gut Lilienfein near the headquarters in Schönau, Germany.

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HEINZMANN acquires UK company Giro Engineering Ltd.

January 2020

HEINZMANN is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UK company Giro Engineering Ltd. with effect from the January 6th, 2020. From this date forth, Giro Engineering Ltd. has become a part of the HEINZMANN Group. 

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Emissions down, efficiency up

April 2019

As a specialist in engine and turbine management solutions, HEINZMANN offers common-rail (CR) retrofit conversions for a wide range of diesel engines whilst also providing all of the monitoring and safety features required for efficient marine applications.

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Positive outcome of SMM attendance for HEINZMANN Group

September 2018

SMM brought together around 50,000 industry visitors from more than 120 countries, once again highlighting its importance as the leading international maritime trade fair. 

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HEINZMANN Group hosting annual International Sales Conference

July 2017

The annual HEINZMANN International Sales Conference took place from 28 - 30 June. For the first time, HEINZMANN Group member Regulateurs Europa B.V. invited all participants to come to the Netherlands.

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