HEINZMANN retrofitting common rail system to Swedish icebreakers

Swedish Marine Administration Icebreaker YMER, retrofitted with HEINZMANN common rail system

Press Release (April, 2014)

How can old propulsion engines be upgraded to achieve remarkable fuel savings and to meet current and future emission regulations? HEINZMANN, known as a specialist for electronic fuel injection, has recently demonstrated the successful conversion of a marine propulsion engine from mechanical fuel injection to a common rail system. The customer tailored turnkey solution is available for nearly any 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine; providing highly economic results.

The Swedish Marine Administration operates several icebreakers in the Baltic Sea. Typical for these special-purpose ships is a “push-pull” operation during ice breaking. Frequent and fast load changes result in relatively high fuel consumption and smoke values. Utilising the flexibility and the injection accuracy of a common rail system the customer expected clear operating improvements.
The electric propulsion system in question, consists of five 40-year old Pielstick 2.2 engines generating 3.5 MW each. Common Rail High Pressure Pump on Propulsion EngineDepending on the output requirements, two to five engines are used in parallel. To start with, only one engine was converted to enable the comparison of engine performance, fuel saving and emissions. In December 2013 the system installation and ommissioning was done without any major modification to the engine itself, and in close cooperation with the engine manufacturer. Tests have been performed during the normal service since the beginning of January this year. All test results met the expectations. Compared to the original hydraulic governor, the transient behaviour was improved and at the same time particle emissions disappeared completely.

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